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A Soul Profile Reading reveals who you are at Soul Level…this will benefit you on several powerful levels in your current life, path, and purpose. Each category of information is described so you’ll have a solid understanding as to what it all means for you…and how it enhances your life by leaps and bounds.

Your Soul Profile Reading is basically an intuitive reading FOR YOUR SOUL…which is a detailed and in depth reading describing who you are at Soul Level. Understanding your Divine make-up from your Soul’s origination your reading will assist you in making choices consistent to your Soul’s original plan and make up. You’ll learn about your Divine gifts…meaning, your Divine gifts are the energies you are abundant in at your Soul Level.

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D_5_Croped“An Akashic Records Reading by Dr. Dan will reveal who you are at Soul Level. Where negativity and energetic blocks are within your Akashic Record that may be keeping you from your Divine Nature with your relationships, career, well-being, and finances.”

…Insight for Your Soul…

An Akashic Records Reading by Dr. Dan, reveals your Divine Nature at your Soul Level. However, you must first know at your Soul Level…where negative energy and negative blocks are…so they can be cleared…this is so you can live your Divine Nature and experience life at your highest good.

In order to have better insight, clarity and direction in your life…negative energy must be cleared from your Akashic Record.

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