Kadar Style Readings



…Mystic Kadar Style Readings…

By Dr. Dan

Between the years of the mid 1920’s through the early 1940’s Richard J. Hensworth, the son of English immigrant parents was a traveling fortuneKadar 9 teller with various carnivals and amusements. He patterned his style of readings after the popular coin operated cabinet fortune telling machines of the time.


Kadar Tickets PixHensworth called himself Mystic Kadar, and his readings became the stuff of legend because of his style of presentation, dress, and the accuracy of his readings. After almost 3 years of painstaking study and research…Dr. Dan has discovered many of Hensworth’s oracles, secrets, and manner of presenting the “Kadar” style of readings.


Dr. Dan has updated some of the Hensworth “Kadar” style to be more conducive for our current time…and along with Dan’s own innate and learned psychic abilities…he is able to present for you an authentic, revealing, and possibly life changing reading based on the Hensworth “Kadar” Reading style from an era of glorious fortune telling history.


This reading is an interactive reading and presented in a face-to-face reading setting. Kadar 15Dr. Dan will be presenting his version of the Kadar readings at various psychic fairs, his home studio, and at various private and public functions and events.


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