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…Why Have an Akashic & Psychic Reading…?


Your Akashic & Psychic Reading is designed to give you information about how your past, your present and your immediate future choices and actions…are connecting in your current life experience. The information in your reading will help you to know yourself much better…so you can make new and better choices…and take positive actions that will lead you in new and life fulfilling directions and experiences.


How can you gain insight, clarity and direction in your relationships, career, and well-being today..? By knowing that the choices you make in your present moment will have a profound affect on every important area of your life. But, what choices do you make that will best serve you…?

It’s best to have input and guidance to help guide you to your best choices concerning your life directions…then, you’ll know the correct course of action that will move you away from worry, stress, and fear…and will show you the way to better insight, clarity, and direction in the important areas of your life.


Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan

Your Akashic & Psychic Reading

by Dr. Dan

An Akashic & Psychic Reading by Dr. Dan is an intuitive reading…in conjunction with accessing your Akashic Record…and using all of the information garnered to help you have insight and clarity…and the guidance you receive from your reading will absolutely guide you to your best choices and help you take the best course of action that will lead you to your highest good in all of the important areas of your life.


This includes meaningful and transcendent interpretations of oracles used in your reading which delivers useful and powerful information, guidance, clarity and direction that will help, inform, and bring to you guidance…by adding valuable and in depth information based upon detailed insight about you and your situation at your Soul Level through your Akashic Record.


Your Akashic Record will help reveal your Divine Nature…this will give you valuable information about your situation and life circumstance…so detailed and tailored guidance can be shared with you so you can experience your life at your highest good…the revealed information will allow you to make new choices and decisions that can propel your life forward with renewed positive choices in your relationships, career, and your well-being.


Accessing Your Akashic Record Can Reveal:

How Positive Life Changing Opportunities Can Open Up for You…

How Your Financial Situation May be Improved…

More Insight, Clarity, Direction and Purpose in Your Life Concerning You Relationships…

How to Make Better Decisions and Choices Concerning Your Well Being…

How Your Career and Innate Talents and Skills May be Improved…

How to Experience Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Abundance…as You Move Forward in Your New Life Direction…

Negativity and Confusion that May be Keeping You Stuck in Indecision and Confusion Can be Diminished…and Oftentimes Eliminated all Together…

You’ll Be Able to Finally Begin Moving Onward and Upward Toward the Life You Were Meant to be Living…Free From Worry, Stress, & Fear…


The information you receive from your Akashic & Psychic Reading will help you in expressing your Divine nature in your everyday life activities. It will reveal to you empowering explanations as to why you may be experiencing many of your current circumstances both positive and negative.


Knowing this gives you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift your current life experience for your highest purpose and good and make substantial improvements in your relationships, career, well-being, and finances.


Insight – Clarity – Direction

Life can be challenging and confusing at times…and difficult when it comes to making the choices that may affect your job, your relationships and your immediate future. With over 3 decades of training and experience in the metaphysical and psychic skills…I can help you answer your questions and address the issue that brought you here…you’re here for good reason.


You and I become a team and share information…both intuitive and verbal that will help you answer your questions concerning the issue that brought you here. I explain all aspects of our discussions…and I will work with you and share with you information that will be tailored specifically for you, and your circumstance or issue.


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Don’t keep putting off what can be a life changing opportunity for you to have direction and clarity in your relationships, career, your well-being and other important areas of your life.


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Readings are available via email, phone, snail mail, or in person (for those who live in the greater Phoenix basin)…various oracles are used in conducting your reading…your reading is a combination of accessing your Akashic Record…and intuitive guidance I receive based upon my inherent and learned abilities.


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For One (1) Question: $24.97

For Two (2) Questions: $35.00

For Three (3) Questions: $65.50

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 “…Throughout the ages man has sought to look behind the veil that hides him from tomorrow. And through the ages certain men have looked into an oracle and seen…is it some quality of the oracle itself…or does the gazer merely use it to turn his gaze inward…? Who knows what visions may come…but slowly visions do come…and the shifting shapes begin to clear…allowing the gazer to see into the mists of time…”

Is your destiny really written in stone…? Are events in your life really predestined or unchangeable…? If so…I would ask you then…”what of your free will…and what about your choices concerning your life…?”


Special Note to New Age & Metaphysical Bookstores

Dr. Dan is available for Paranormal & Psychic Presentations…for New Age & Metaphysical Book Stores, psychic parties, and special events. Call or email the date and time you’re interested in…I will reply usually within 24 hours.

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Dr. Dan – Metaphysician

“Your Destiny in Not a Matter of Chance…It is a Matter of Choice. It’s Not Something to be Waited For…But Something to be Experienced…The Question Is: How Do You Know What Your Choices or Life Directions Are…? Dr. Dan’s Akashic & Psychic Readings has your answer…”

…Readings Daily by Appointment…


Testimonial: “I have studied people who are gifted with intuitive abilities for over 27 years. I have met and consulted with dozens over the years. In almost every way, I consider Dr. Dan the most highly gifted of all. He helps as well as astounds.”     Rita B. Paradise Valley, AZ


Your Many Benefits by Having a Reading by Dr. Dan

It is important to understand an intuitive reading should be uplifting and empowering. Readings should leave you with the feeling that you have more options, insight and peace of mind. A reading is meant to help you sort out current situations…and give you a deeper understanding of your past and give you possible outcomes for your future. Your future has many outcomes…depending on the path you choose to follow. In other words, if you keep going in the direction you have been going…then the probability of the outcome is predictable. After your reading…you should have a deeper understanding of the changes you may need to make…that can change the outcome of your situation for your highest good. The beauty of all this is…once you have an idea of where you are going…and you are armed with new knowledge and insight from your reading…you are empowered to make better decisions for a more desirable outcome. Dr. Dan is not a mere fortune teller…fortune tellers tell you that what is in your future is more absolute and the events in your future…will happen. Dr. Dan firmly believes in free will and your right to make choices concerning your life…and once you have more and better insight into your situation…you can make better informed choices based upon the content and information you received from your reading by Dr. Dan.

Even More Specific Benefits of a Reading

by Dr. Dan

(Listed Benefits May Not be Relevant for All Readings or Circumstances)

 1. You’ll receive direction concerning your issue. 2. You’ll have more peace of mind. 3. You’ll get guidance concerning your finances. 4. Help with unraveling your past so understanding your present can make your future clearer. 5. You’ll receive guidance towards life contentment. 6. You’ll get guidance concerning your relationships. 7. You’ll get guidance to help you get centered and beat worry, stress, and fear. 8. You’ll get guidance to help give you peace of mind and more happiness. 9. You’ll get help putting your heart at ease to help you move forward to a more fulfilled life direction.

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My Qualifications: From the mid 1980’s to the early 1990’s, I enrolled in classes at the University of Metaphysics, earning a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. I am an ordained member of the International Metaphysical Ministries and am also a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Metaphysical Practitioner with studies in Parapsychology. In 2004, I was a University Research Associate…specializing in the study of: Man, Mind, and the Universe. My Holistic Life Path Advising certification is through the Holistic Life Coaching Institute, from the University of Sedona and is recognized and sanctioned worldwide. And I am a Level II Certified Akashic Records Practitioner (this certification is not from the University of Metaphysics of the University of Sedona). I am the author of numerous articles, booklets, pamphlets and instructional guides and information regarding using, learning, and sharing psychic, extrasensory, and intuitional gifts and abilities.

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you may call the University of Metaphysics Administration Office at: 1- 888- 866- 4685

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“Dr. Dan is a man who knows and understands your past, your present, and your immediate future. He taps into knowledge from beyond the ordinary…and has the gift of divine insight…”