Inner Truths Reading History

…Inner Truth Reading History…

In 1938 a specialty publishing house, Hobbs Brothers Trinity Publishing, produced The Inner Truths Book, a rare and long unseen type of Esoteric Prophetic Almanac of 500 Inner Truths. These rare books were released in limited quantities only once each decade…and the book was sold only to a chosen few.
At first glance it is an appealing, almost folksy book, sharing its Inner Truths, arcane artwork and quotes about the tradition of esoteric studies…the odd seemingly dark symbol on the cover notwithstanding.

Inner Truths Bk

The Almanac has the feel of a game of sorts, likened to an early Magic 8 Ball if you will. A truth is randomly selected and is read and contemplated along with the illustrations or quote on the opposite page.
A pleasant enough way to while away an hour or so…the book, however, is not designed for mere trivialities or fun and games.
In late 1938, shortly after the third and last edition of the book had been printed and was boxed for shipping…a fire gutted the offices and adjacent warehouses of the Trinity Publishing Company. Arson was alleged to be the cause but no suspect was ever found.
Best estimates suggest that about 250 copies of the rare book were printed and destroyed in the fire. Reports at the time stated that Trinities entire inventory was lost including a one of a kind original manuscript.
According to several leading esoteric historians, the veracity of these claims came into question during the 1940’s. Books matching the description of the “Almanac” were reportedly seen in use at several, shall we say, less than reputable traveling sidewalk salesmen and pitchmen.
Lore quickly accumulated that the book was much more than it seemed. Stories of amazingly accurate fortunes became common among psychics, advisers, and those who pursued them. Though disputed by some, the tales persisted. Whispers of other powers attributed to the book began to circulate among the unique underworld of psychics, mediums, and advisers.
Though his true name is lost to time…a traveling psychic and fortuneteller known only as The Seer is said to have made a powerful discovery about the book. While experimenting with both the Almanac and a packet of mysterious cards that came with the book, he stumbled onto a prophetic hidden secret.

Inner Truths Cards

The Seer serendipitously took the five what he called the “Cards of Fate”  or “guidance cards” and cast a three card reading. Representing the past, present and future…this is the most efficient cradle to grave reading these cards provide and thought by many to offer the greatest insights.
Struck by a sudden inspiration, The Seer turned to the Inner Truth matching the number formed by the three Cards of Fate. When his most pressing problem was neatly summed up by the Inner Truth the cards lead him to…he knew the Almanac was much, much more than it seemed.
The Seer refined his techniques and gaining fame as he traveled from town to town, city to city, as word spread. In the hands of the psychics and fortunetellers who followed, the book yielded insights that often scared their customers. It wasn’t that the Inner Truths bore bad news.
No…it was more than how a randomly selected Truth could so clearly see into the heart of the client. It became popular to say, “The Truth finds the person.”
Each Inner Truth reveals a basic need of the client, a feeling the client needs to overcome or embrace for success, one of the four elements that will guide the client…and a talisman that will bring all the facets of the reading together.
Further, an uncanny mind-to-mind connection was often established between those who sought an Inner Truth within the pages of the book and the owner of the book. A mystic triangle connection of the reader, the client and the oracle…this is often too unsettling to the uninitiated.
Like so many oracles and objects of power throughout history, the Almanac began to incite fear among the ignorant. The Almanac was banned in many psychic circles because of its offer of such prophetic insights.
Not long after, psychics and fortunetellers moved on to new methods and the general assumption became that the Almanac’s powers were merely myth if not an outright hoax.

NOTE: After investigating the “properties” of this book…I have come to believe that the messages and guidance received by the Inner Truths…are no hoax. Once you experience this unique reading…you’ll agree…”      Dr. Dan

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