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What is a Reading…? Most folks relate a “reading” as done by a psychic i.e.  A psychic reading is a specific attempt by a “reader” to discern information through the use of heightened psychic skills. That’s not what I do…

“What’s a Meta Reading…?”A Meta Reading by Dr. Dan is a highly specialized perceptive reading…whereby, pertinent information for and about you is accessed without you asking or divulging information. Insight, clarity and direction are assured.

We are all “psychic” to one degree or another…so innate intuitive skills are always a part of any reading, counseling, or advising session.

Special Note: As With All of Dr. Dan’s Readings…Those Living in the Greater Phoenix Areas…Dr. Dan Can Come to Your Home or Meet With You at a Convenient Place to Have Your Reading. Or, You Can Come to Dr. Dan’s Home to Have Your Reading.

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Meta Readings

…No Life Problem Too Difficult…

“I Answer Without You Asking…”

“I firmly believe that the wisdom of humanity is within each of us. No life topic is too much or too little to consider in metaphysical terms. Metaphysics is truly all-encompassing…the emphasis is on the exploration of our reality and how our level of consciousness can determine the quality of our life…”

How Dr. Dan’s Metaphysical Readings are Conducted: My exclusive Metaphysical Reading has six phases…there is no time limit placed upon your reading. The average readings takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes. I charge a flat fee for my reading…not by the minute. Details of your reading is annotated in a booklet prepared exclusively for you and your reading to take with you…you’ll have a record of the information and reveals concerning your reading. Plus, action steps to take for your success going forward.

1st : You are asked to think of, but not say out loud, any life situation, circumstance, or problem you would like insight, guidance or direction on.

2nd : You’ll choose 3 numbers between 1 & 5…

3rd : You’ll be given a detailed 5 mystical card reading which will reveal your life situation, circumstance or problem you first thought of…(or, your life situation, circumstance or problem that is closely related to your thought of situation, circumstance or problem).

Dr. Dan will also reveal one of the five elements (fire, water, earth, air, or spirit), a stone, amulet, or talisman, and the emotional feeling you’ll need to embrace or let go of in order to move forward concerning the situation, circumstance or problem.

4th : Your in depth 5 card reading will provide you with insight, guidance or direction concerning the life situation, circumstance or problem.

5th : Your in depth reading…will also include a discussion as to how you can immediately apply the insight, guidance, or direction you’ll receive so you can take action steps that will move you forward in a positive direction. Your overall reading objective, is to bring about rapid and lasting positive change in your life going forward after your reading…and to add value to your life.

Ideally, your reading should be a positive experience with measurable results…i.e.: 1. Where you’re at before your reading. 2. Your reading…and 3. Applying the action steps…and where you’re at within 30 days after your reading (you should begin to have positive results from your reading within 30 days after your reading). Some folks see results more quickly than others.

6th : Any questions you may have will be answered…and you’ll also be given a stone, charm, amulet, or talisman that was revealed to in your reading to keep and have with you, plus an additional free gift surprise…and your reading booklet…filled in and personalized just for you.

Important…! Please Note: If your Meta Reading is done via email…the six phases of your reading will be conducted. You’ll be asked via email to select the 3 numbers between 1 & 5. Your Metaphysical Reading Booklet will be filled in for you…and mailed to you via First Class…plus your stone, amulet or talisman…and your free gift. Once you receive your information in the mail…any questions you may have will be answered via email.

Oftentimes, a life situation, circumstance or problem…will have more than one related issues or influences surrounding it. There are times when Dr. Dan will be guided to one or more of the dominant issues or influences concerning your situation in question.

The bottom line being, whatever the life situation, circumstance or problem you would like insight, guidance, or direction on…will always be answered even though it may not be your exact thought.

All facets of the information revealed in your reading…will be shared with you by Dr. Dan, without his asking you for the information.

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Thank You Very Much…it is my pleasure to be of service to you.

May All the Good Things of the Universe Come to You and Yours…

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Dr. Dan


Meta Readings

Dr. Dan Bartlett Msc.D.

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A Brief Explanation of Metaphysics: Metaphysics is the science or philosophy which systematically investigates the nature of first causes or principles of all existence, ultimate reality, knowledge, being and the nature of the universe.

Metaphysics is the way to interpret and understand life on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. The division of psychology dealing with metaphysical concepts is called parapsychology as it deals with things that go beyond the five senses.

It is a philosophical doctrine that all things are a part of one main source…and that each thing, animate or inanimate, should be respected for its particular form of this one main source.

Metaphysics is a belief system. It covers a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts as well as providing a mental discipline we commonly refer to as The Science of Being. The old dictate of “know thyself” is apropos for a person practicing metaphysics.

More In-depth Explanation: Metaphysics can be subdivided into ontology, the theory of phenomenon in the world (e.g. time, space, matter, process, cause and effect, system), cosmology, the theory describing the origin and nature of the Universe, and epistemology, the study of theories of knowledge or ways of knowing.

What is a Metaphysician: A metaphysician is a person whose focus is spiritual and a philosophical study of the ultimate causes and underlying nature of mans relationship with the Universe. But includes a perspective grounded in physical reality.

The Philosophy of Metaphysics: The metaphysical way of thinking encourages people to consider possibilities that may function outside the realm of conventional avenues of thought and experience. The very word, metaphysics, means after or beyond the things we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. The fact that there is existence beyond time and space does not mean that it is supernatural.

Although there are many things that occur that have the appearance of being supernatural, all things are based on Universal Law. Metaphysics is merely a word describing the pursuit of the knowledge of things that function in and out of this time-space dimension. If a person believes in the existence of “spiritual” things…including intuition for example, metaphysics has already become a part of their thought process.

Thank You…May All the Good Things of the Universe Come to You.