Carpet Bag Replicas

I was looking for that Dr. Dan's Magic Carpet Bagvery special bag to transport my important items, oracles, props and equipment to the various psychic fairs, psychic parties, events, and other travel requirements. I looked and looked…but couldn’t find what I was looking for, until the magic of the Universe led me to take a look at carpet bags.
 I did a Google search thingy and after looking through several websites…I came across Carpet Bag Replicas. And I’m so glad I did…these carpet bags are absolutely fantastic. Not only did I like the look of the bags…but, to my utter amazement, Elaine Thomas…the owner and artist…had a bag she makes called the Magician’s Carpet Bag.
 I call my new bag…Dr. Dan’s Magic Carpet Bag. Visit Elaine’s website. Her carpet bags are all hand made by her…and her work is extraordinary. Very high quality in both crafting and materials. If you’re looking for a high quality, hand made carpet bag that is very reasonably priced…and the best service you’ll ever experience…then visit Carpet Bag Replicas TODAY… – Click Here

University of Metaphysics

As many of you may know, at least those who have kept up with goings on here at Dr. Dan & Company…I am a proud graduate of the University of Metaphysics…and have also received my Holistic Life Coaching Credentials from the University of Sedona. Both of these great Universities are located in Sedona, Arizona.
Visit the University of Metaphysics by clickingHere
And also visit the University of Sedona by clickingHere
My Qualifications & Experience: I have over 3 decades of intuitive experience; I am an Advanced Level II Practitioner in Akashic Records Readings. From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, I enrolled in classes at the University of Metaphysics, earning a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. I am an ordained member of the International Metaphysical Ministries and am also a Certified Pastoral Counselor and Metaphysical Practitioner with studies in Parapsychology. In 2004, I was a University Research Associates, specializing in the study of: Man, Mind, and the Universe. My Holistic Life Coaching Credentials is through the Holistic Life Coaches Institute, from the University of Sedona. I am the author of numerous articles, books, booklets and instructional information on using, learning, and sharing psychic, extra sensory and intuitional gifts and abilities.


Brahm’s Bookworks

Brahm and Robyn hand make and produce the most magickal and wonderful Books of Shadows and Grimoires on the planet. Visit their site and you’ll see what I mean…I own 2 of their Grimoires…and I have my eye on at least two more. Check these out…and tell Brahm & Robyn Dr. Dan says Hi… – Click Here