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How I Got Started on This Path

This is the story of how I was introduced to the realm of doing readings and was taught the basics of developing my intuitive gifts by Madame Incarna aka Sarah O’Hare.

This story was told to me by Madame Incarna (Sarah) in 1961 during my first meeting with her in La Puente, Calf…at the carnival she was working. I was 13 years old…Madame Incarna began…“I was nine years old it was a year or so after my mother passed away. It was 1915…a carnival came to a nearby town and my father took me my dolly…and my new step mother to the carnival.

I remember I loved the sights and sounds…but to this day, I don’t remember how I became separated from my father. I remember wondering around for what seemed like hours…and I couldn’t find my father or step mother. Finally, I walked into a tent that was filled with smoke and strange things I had never seen before.

An older lady approached me and called me by my name, Sarah. Although I don’t remember telling her my name…I remember very clearly when she told me her name, she called herself Madame Morgana. She was strange looking to me…very thin, but not frail looking…long dark hair reaching to her waist…she wore dark clothes a large heavy looking necklace and what I recall as a blanket over her shoulders.Carny Palm Reader

She asked me to come and sit next to her…and I explained that I was separated from my father and step mother…and couldn’t find them. By then, it was late…and the carnival was closing and people were leaving. Madame Morgana walked over to the door of the tent…and called for someone. I could hear her telling whomever she was talking to about me and my situation.

After what seemed like a very long time…Madame Morgana told me that my father could not be found…and since it was so late, I could spend the rest of the night with her…and she would help me find my father or my way home in the morning…”

Well…Madame Incarna continued…”that was the last time I ever saw my father…I never really got the whole story…but my father abandoned me at the carnival…and I was raised by Madame Morgana…and I came to love and honor her.”

“She taught me what she called seeing through people… and how to read the Tarot, the palm, tea leaves, numerology, astrology, doing readings by using the magic in several old books…and what she called the Magick Wishing Boards.”

Madame Incarna…is the name Madame Morgana gave Sarah as she taught and raised her. Madame Incarna stayed with the carnival for several years…but worked a number of carnivals until I met her in 1961.

Madame Morgana gave Madame Incarna (Sarah) all she owned when she passed away. And Sarah continued to work traveling carnivals. I never really did learn exactly when Sarah was born…but I think she told me she was born in 1906 on February 21st…which would have made her around 55 when I met her in 1961.

She was a treasure trove of stories about carnival life working the “mitt joint” and doing readings…she taught me a lot of very special sides and secrets of the pseudo psychic realm and doing readings, and taught me how to “see through people…” When Sarah left with the carnival that summer in 1961…I never saw her again or heard from her. The carnival stayed in La Puente, about a week and I spent every day with her.

That was the beginning of my magical journey in both doing magic shows and doing readings. I wanted to be a carnival magician and fortune teller…but gave way to the premise that I should go to school, get an education, and get a job…we’ve all heard it as we were growing up.

After that summer, I did what lots guys my age might do…got interested in sports, cars and girls. Then in high school, I met my high school sweetheart and she had a passing interest in astrology. She ask me what my sign was…and because she was interested in astrology… that re-kindled my interest in the things Madam Incarna told and taught me.Dan & Linda 02

I failed to follow my dream when I was younger. So, here I am now in my mid 60’s…with a different but connected dream…and that is reaching out to folks like you with my years of experience and extrasensory skills and abilities. I never forgot Madame Incarna or the cool stuff she taught me…even though I was only 13…it was the best and most memorable summer of my life.

In the early to mid-1980’s I did get a taste of a small part of my dream when I became a full time professional magician in Federal Way, Washington. Even owning my own magic shop near the waters of Puget Sound, but, reality soon set in when trying to follow my dream clashed with my family life. After a divorce and losing virtually everything I owned…I moved to Burbank, Calif in 1985.

I have learned that dreams don’t always have to be given up on…just taken in different directions. Besides, “for those of us who follow dreams…there’s no such thing as real failure.” My love of magic, performing, doing readings and related esoteric studies has never been far from who I really am.

Although for the most part I always had a good j-o-b…through the years I always had a part time business going. I did magic shows, taught magic, and I always did readings…albeit, mostly on the weekends. But my business activities were always present.

I recently retired from the work force (in 2010) and began doing private readings and working out of my home studio. As well as expanding into doing workshops, lectures, and demonstrations for resorts, hotels, and special events.

Dr. Dan at Work

                 Dr. Dan at Work

After discovering what fantastic information and service an Akashic Records Reading can offer to others…I studied how to do Akashic Records Readings becoming certified, and I now offer Akashic Records readings as well as, doing readings through time and space via my website and email. But I still love doing table side readings one-to-one at the resorts, hotels, and special events…the kind of readings I was taught by Madame Incarna…and I love doing face-to-face readings and interacting with my friends and clients.

So, if you have a dream…you have much. No matter how little you may have…even if all you have is a dream. Hang on to it…work to make it real for yourself, start right where you are…and with what you have. Know that you would not have the dream…or the aspiration to be, have, or do whatever it is you’re seeking…if it were not meant for to have or accomplish in your life. This is a Universal Law…and an absolute promise the Universe has given us all.

To Your Success…! Dr. Dan